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Hi! There are lots of different sessions listed below but if there is a session you would like and don't see it below, please get in touch....the sky is the limit 

Now offering house calls, retreats, and active breathwork as part of any session, please inquire.  


Kelly, Holland, MI

Small Group Sound Bath

"Jenn was amazing.  The entire experience was more than I every could have imagined.  Beautiful and uplifting, calming and peaceful.  As soon as it was over I couldn't wait to do it again.  When you align yourself with people and experiences that breathe life into your soul, life magnifies.  Jenn is beautiful and kind, knowledgeable and gifted. 

Laura, Bride 

Grand Haven, MI

Wedding party Sound Bath 

"For me, I can tell you that having that placed where it was in the weekend was a game changer. I told several people that with welcoming and hosting guests and also trying to make sure all the final details and logistics were in place for the following day, that sound bath marked the first time during the whole of Saturday that my body stopped buzzing. I really think that helped send me into my wedding day with more presence and peace of mind, and the ability to stay in my body and be settled.
10/10 would recommend this to anyone."

Trisha, Coopersville, MI

Private session with her daugher

"Jenn has a heart for what she does and it really shows.  I 1000% recommend her!"
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